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 Self Marketing Power Book


Worlds Most Entertaining Sales Book

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Learn to sell the way a coach sells football Saturdays, and you can sell just about anything!


If you think your industry is competitive, you wouldn’t believe the selling skills necessary to assemble a championship football team. College football recruiting is marketing in its purest form!  Study the gridiron’s greatest salesmen—and imitate their strategies and tactics—and become a better marketer regardless of your profession.

Selling Saturdays teaches sales and marketing lessons by examining the strategies and tactics used by famous football coaches such as Barry Switzer, Tom Osborne, Phillip Fulmer, Gary Barnett, John Cooper, Hayden Fry, R.C. Slocum, Jim Donnan and many more. Order Now!


Advance Praise for Selling Saturdays

“Winning requires great selling skills. I highly recommend Selling Saturdays.”
Barry Switzer, Legendary Football Coach of the Oklahoma Sooners and Dallas Cowboys

"You’ll feel like you're alongside Hall-of-Fame coaches racing to outsell the competition in a high-stakes battle for the nation's best athletes. Whether you're a rookie or veteran sales professional, Jeff's advice is relevant and ready to implement." – Pat Williams, Orlando Magic senior vice president and author of Leadership Excellence

“Apply the strategies described in this book and watch your business soar.” – Joe Moglia, head coach of Coastal Carolina University and chairman of TD Ameritrade

“How about this!  A sales book that is so readable and entertaining, you turn the pages like a good novel.” - Lou Heckler, motivational speaker and business essayist on the PBS television program, Nightly Business Report

Selling Saturdays is great for all coaches, managers and CEOs. There are years of experience represented in this book by some of the best salesmen/leaders ever.” – R.C. Slocum, Hall of Fame former coach of the Texas A&M Aggies

“Amusing, insightful and applicable to those who live in a competitive world. -Gary Barnett, former coach of the Colorado Buffaloes and Northwestern Wildcats and color analyst, Sports USA

"Everyone sells every day of their lives, and Jeff's original and in-depth, behind-the-scenes review of college football proves this.  A great analogy of sales, marketing, branding and persuasion." - Samara Pope, author of The Sales Psychologist



Selling Saturdays just might be the most entertaining sales book of all time!  Best of all, after reading it, you’ll be ready to pick up the phone, hit the streets and sign big deals.

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